Charlotte Events- Things to Do in Charlotte NC

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Charlotte, NC Events: Things to do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. I'm revved up! We're talking about cars of Charlotte and we're getting started right now.

My name is Eli Magids and I'm a Realtor here in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in luxury properties and new home construction. But more importantly, I am your realtor with a heart. I'm not just helping you find a house, I'm helping you find a home. No matter what stage of life you're in, your home is so very important. It's a place for refuge, for comfort, a place where you can escape the craziness of the world, and a place where you can be yourself. And importantly as well, a place where you can create a lifetime of joyous memories. My gift is people. My profession is finding you a home. Put the two together and we can create the next best part of your life.

Top 7 Things to do in Charlotte

I put out one or two videos every week chock full of information, so if you've never seen me before or you want to keep updated with everything going on in Charlotte, today I'm talking about the top seven things to do here in Charlotte revolving around cars, and these are usually monthly events here at Charlotte, North Carolina.

1. NASCAR Hall of Fame

In no particular order, number one on the list is the NASCAR Hall of Fame located in uptown Charlotte. Charlotte is known as one of the capitals of racing in the United States and in the world frankly, so it's only fitting that the NASCAR Hall of Fame is located in uptown Charlotte. Full of interactive activities, movies, and of course, race cars, lots and lots of race cars. Definitely worth a day to visit. There is a charge to get in, but that's the NASCAR Hall of Fame, uptown Charlotte.

2. Cars and Coffee Charlotte

Number two on our list is Cars and Coffee Charlotte, another Charlotte NC event that is occurring every single month on the first Saturday of every month, located down in the Steele Creek area on Whitehall drive. Now the area has changed before, so go over to Facebook and make sure you check before you go down there. But this event is held every first Saturday from 7:00 AM until 11:00 AM. And they have everything that you can think of, from Mustangs to Camaros to your Corvettes, to BMW's to your Alfa Romeos to your Rolls-Royces and Porsches and everything in between. So that's Cars and Coffee. They do give you free food if you want it. Donuts, cake, cookies, there are drinks, and this is a completely free event. So that's Cars and Coffee Charlotte.

3. Shutgartt Saturdays

Shutgartt Saturdays located at Hendrick Porsche, AKA Porsche of Charlotte, is located on East Independence Blvd here in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is a recurrent event as well, predominantly Porsches, but this event is held every second Saturday of the month from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM. You will get all kinds of car showing up here. Not just Porsches, but you will get McLarens and Ferraris, and a lot of the people who own these fancy cars have multiple cars, so they bring them along to show us all their fancy cars.

It is a very, very fun event. They do have special Saturdays. Sometimes they have Pooches and Porsches or Puppies and Porsches. Sometimes they bring out all their classic cars from Rick Hendrick's collection. Sometimes they bring out the 918 supercar, which is worth about $2 million bucks. Frankly, this event is my personal favorite. That's every second Saturday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. It is completely free, costs you nothing. Free food, free donuts, free drinks and coffee. People are very friendly and kind. That's Shutgartt Saturdays, Hendrick Porsche, Porsche of Charlotte, East Independence Blvd, every second Saturday between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

4. Cars and Cappucino

The next great thing to do here at Charlotte, and an event that occurs every month, is Cars and Cappucino. Notice how there's always a coffee twist to these. Held every third Sunday from 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM in front of the South Park Mall in South Park part of Charlotte. Here you're going to get all kinds of fancy cars. Again, you will get your Aston Martins and your Ferraris and your McLarens. Sometimes you'll get a race car. You will get many, many surprises here at Cars and Cappucino, but it's a great selection of cars. Very casual, very nice, and a fun event and a great thing to do on a very early Sunday morning. And Cars and Cappucino is absolutely free as well. So that's so far three events that are completely free.

5. Lamborghini of Charlotte

Next one up on our list is an up and comer. It's a new one. A new dealer here in Charlotte, the Lamborghini of Charlotte, Charlotte Lamborghini now has Espresso and Exotics. On Saturday mornings, every second Saturday between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM, they open up the dealership. It's not open on Saturdays. They open it up for us crazy people to go and check out all the different Lamborghinis. If you love Lamborghinis, they got everything. They got green ones, they got Gallardos, they got Performantes. They got the fastest one in the world. Lamborghini of Charlotte, Espresso and Exotics. They also have other exotic cars. They have some Porsches there as well. Rolls-Royces. It's a really fun event. Last month was super crowded. Again, it's free to go. Free breakfast, kind of like desserts and pastries and drinks. So you need to really check them out. Lamborghini of Charlotte, every second Saturday, 9:00 AM and 11:00. Boy, these cars are worth a ton of money.

6. Charlotte Motor Speedway

Next up on our list, the granddaddy of them all is Charlotte Motor Speedway. This is the place that made Charlotte one of the most famous places for racing. It's up in Concord, which is in the northeast portion of Charlotte. It is a world-renowned track and it is a phenomenal place to go and watch racing if that's your thing. Also located nearby is Mooresville, North Carolina, just North of Charlotte. This is Race City USA. The reason why they call it Race City USA, Mooresville is because the vast majority of race car teams have their headquarters up in Mooresville. I'd say about 70% of all race car teams are located here in Charlotte in the Mooresville area.

7. Euro Auto Festival

Next up on my list is the Euro Auto Festival. This one is not held in Charlotte, so it only gets an honorable mention, but it's a great event. It's near Charlotte. It's in Greenville, South Carolina, one and a half hours away from Charlotte, held at the NBC Suites on the golf course over there. There are 300 or more exotic cars, European cars from all over the east coast. It happens once a year. This year it's October 18th and 19th. Definitely worth checking out, $15 bucks to get in. And they're going to have tons of Bentleys because I believe it's Bentley's 100th birthday. So if you've never been to Greenville, go to this Greenville Euro Auto Festival October 18th, 19th. They got everything there. Every car you could think of.

Just one quick thing about Charlotte, because Charlotte has such awesome weather pretty much year round, you're able to take out these cars and actually use them. The roads are great. It's a great place to drive. As long as you don't go in rush hour, you can actually take your car out and enjoy it. That's why cars here, and especially fancy cars, are so very popular here. And I just want to let you know that all of these events are subject to change. And they do change, especially Cars and Coffee. So before you go down to any of them, hook up with them on their Facebook pages or Google them to make sure that that the times and the dates are correct.

So these are some of the best things to do at Charlotte, North Carolina. These events are super fun, and actually my wife occasionally goes and actually enjoys going as well. So for the ladies out there who are not necessarily car people, go with your husband, go with your kids. You're going to have a good time. So are you thinking of moving to Charlotte? Do you want to build a home? Are you looking for a luxury home? Are you moving within Charlotte and you want to move to a nicer home? Or do you want to downsize? Remember, my gift is people, my profession is finding you a home, and together we can create the next great part of your life.

My contact information is down below. Contact me anytime. For the best information about Charlotte, things to do in Charlotte, places to be, neighborhoods, go ahead, watch the video below and hit the red button to subscribe. Hit the bell so that you don't miss out on my videos every week. And for the free information and gift that I promised you earlier, go down to the description below to the links that have a link for a buyer and seller's guide. Click on those links. Some really, really great information in those. And if you don't want to wait to see a new video from me because you miss my pretty face, hop over to my YouTube channel where I've got all kinds of videos about all kinds of neighborhoods, things to do, new homes, old homes, what to look out for. So check those out on my YouTube channel.

So I have a question. If money were no object, what would be the one car, you get to buy one car, that you would purchase, keep, love, hold, and cherish forever if money were no object. Let me know in the comments below. And I'm letting you know that my favorite cars are Ferraris. And I'm thinking I'm going for a Ferrari 488 or a Ferrari LaFerrari. I'm not sure. When I get the money, I'll let you know which one I get. And thank you, yeah you, so much for stopping by.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these social events in Charlotte!

Vroom vroom. Until we see each other again next time.

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