New Construction Charlotte NC- Some of the Best !

Dated: October 21 2019

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New Construction, Charlotte, NC

Zoned for highly rated schools, with a  AAA location. 

My gift is people. My profession is finding you a home! Put the two together, and we can create the next great part of your life.

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Deerfield, NC

Today we’re talking about the beautiful neighborhood of Deerfield, North Carolian. This new construction neighborhood is located off of Highway 51. It's inside of Highway 51, which just means that it's closer to Uptown than a lot of other spots in Charlotte. It is about 30 minutes to Uptown Charlotte. It is about 30 minutes to the airport. It is 10 minutes to South Park and all the shopping there. And this neighborhood abounds with shopping everywhere right outside the neighborhood. Off of Highway 51, Costco, the Arboretum, tons of shopping here. In addition to all the shopping and the restaurants. This neighborhood is zoned for highly rated Providence schools, so check those out on great They are about the highest rated schools in all of the Charlotte area.

Deerfield NC Luxury New Construction

So the neighborhood of Deerfield, built by JP Orleans Builders, is a luxurious neighborhood. And it is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Home prices here range from about $875,000 up to about $1.1 million. Square footage of these homes range from about 3,500 square feet up to about 6,000 square feet, but on average the houses here are going to run about 4,800 square feet and come in at about $930,000 to $950,000. And most of the homes are on at least a half an acre piece of property, which is large considering the location. These are not custom homes, but these are homes that you can tweak here and there. The importance of this video is they are running out of lots. They literally have a handful of lots left. So if this place looks interesting, it's time to get a move on. Some of the lots back up to woods, which is a plus. Some do not. But like I said before, there's only a handful left.

There are four plans to choose from, anywhere from a four bedroom to a six bedroom. And I'm going to take you inside one of the model homes right now for a quick snippet to take a look and see what the inside of one of these homes looks like. The homes that you see here in the video, they're being constructed, or already sold and being built for people who have already put down a contract or deposit on them.

Luxury, Schools, Location

This neighborhood is a home run. So that is the new construction neighborhood here in Charlotte, North Carolina, the neighborhood of Deerfield.

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So I have a question for you -This  is a new construction home neighborhood. How important is it for you to have a brand new construction home? From one, like I don't care, to 10, I have to have a brand new home. Please let me know in the comments below.

I thank you, yeah you, so much for stopping by.

Welcome to the neighborhood of Deerfield, NC!

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New Construction Charlotte NC- Some of the Best !

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